John "Scruffy" Smackwater

A sponge for a pilot



Agi: d8
Str: d8
Vit: d4
Alert: d8
Int: d4
Will: d8
Assets Complications
Born Behind the Wheel (Major) Alchoholic (Major)
Heavy Tolerance (Minor) Crude (Minor)
Nose for Trouble (Major) Ugly as sin (Major)
Steady Calm (Major) Dead Broke (Minor)
Amputee: Leg (Minor)


Guns d6
Shotguns d12
Rifles d8
Pilot d6
Mid-Bulk Transports d10
Astrogator d8
Planetary Vehcl. d2
Agricultural d8
Discipline d6
Mental Resistance d8
Perception d6
Intuition d10
Knowledge d6
Farming d10
Ships d8
Porn Industry d8

He slowly leveled the ol’ 12 gauge two-barrel

Then said “now, there… ain’t reason to go all unreasonable, n’ stuff…”

To underscore the urgency for staying all calm mannered, he slammed the breech of the shotgun closed, looking sternly at the man… “it was this here payment we were talking ’bout”

John "Scruffy" Smackwater

Out on the raggedy edge! Idless